The Series is a dynamic new addition to the flat racing season

A first in UK horse racing, The Series is a league competition created by Championship Horse Racing, where teams vie for points over a race season.

It’s coming to summer nights in 2019

The Series will take place across eight Thursday evenings from July to September

Every race matters in The Series

There will be six races per meeting and each team will have one runner in each race. Points will be awarded for where teams finish in each race and the points added to a league table.

Teams and jockeys compete for points, money and trophies

Across the season there will be two championships running simultaneously, the Team Championship and the Jockey Championship. All of the races will have prize money in excess of £100,000 and the top points-scoring jockey at every meeting will secure a financial bonus for their team.


The Series will feature high profile teams and the biggest names in racing

There will be 12 teams, each having the exclusive use of a trainer, four jockeys and a stable of 30 horses for the duration of The Series. Every team will represent a global brand and will race in colours specially chosen by that organisation.

The spotlight will be on the amazing trainers, jockeys and horses

The stars of the show have great stories to tell. The trainers and the stable staff who bring each horse to the peak of their physical ability. The jockeys that harness that energy and use their skill to race them to the finish line. And the amazing athletic machines that are the horses and whose names become the stuff of sporting legend.


Fans will be at the heart of The Series

Whether you’re a racing aficionado who knows and loves the sport, or you’re new to horse racing, The Series will have something for everyone.

We will demystify horse racing for those new to the sport

We know that some people find horse racing a little confusing and feel they would like more insight and knowledge to get the best out of it. We want to demystify racing and make it simpler to understand. Our aim is to create new, innovative and ethically driven ways to engage the public with the sport.

The Series will be broadcast to racing fans in the UK and across the globe

We have already secured a UK partner who will live broadcast every race of every night that The Series takes place. We will announce details of the broadcast partner and how viewers in the UK can access it in 2019. There is also worldwide TV interest in The Series and our host broadcaster will provide a stream and highlights package for an international audience.

Fans engaged through our app will be rewarded

All fans, wherever they are, will be connected by our app, which will act as central engagement and content hub. The App will also be home to our unique ‘we win, you win’ concept. We think fans should be rewarded for their engagement, so when they back a team and it wins then the supporters will also benefit from that success in the form of prizes, giveaways and experiential opportunities.

Tickets will go on sale in Spring 2019

And we aim to make it an affordable evening of entertainment for fans.


The Series is coming to some of the UK’s best-known racecourses

The teams will compete over eight meetings all across the UK. The selected Group 1 racecourses will be announced later in 2018.

Every course will provide a great evening’s entertainment

In addition to competitive horse racing, The Series will include eSports tournaments, local food festivals and live music.


I have horses with more than one Trainer, but I would like them all to be part of The Series

You can have horses in more than one Racing Team.

Can my horse run in other races during The Series?

Of course. There are no restrictions imposed on your horses other than they can individually only be part of one Racing Team in The Series.